Are you worried that your premium dollars are just going down the drain?

Have you received a notice that your premium will increase?

Our analytical approach to long-term care insurance will help you compare your options and decide what to do.

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Our personal report contains five sections

  1. 1. Summary of Key Data

    Lists major assumptions that we have used to produce our results.

  2. 2. Risk of Needing Long-Term Care

    Helps you think about the risk that you will incur significant expenses for long-term care.

  3. 3. Analysis of Your Policy

    Analyzes the options that your insurance company is offering to you.

  4. 4. How to Use This Report

    Guides you in making decisions about your policy.

  5. 5. Technical Supplement

    Takes you as deep into long-term care funding as you want to go.

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